UMassAmherst COMPSCI 240: Reasoning Under Uncertainty, Spring 2019

Development of mathematical reasoning skills for problems that involve uncertainty. Each concept will be illustrated by real-world examples and demonstrated through in-class and homework exercises. Counting and probability -- basic counting problems, probability definitions, mean, variance, binomial distribution, discrete random variables, continuous random variables, Markov and Chebyshev bounds, Laws of large number, and central limit theorem. Probabilistic reasoning -- conditional probability and odds, Bayes' Law, Markov Chains, Bayesian Network, Markov Decision Processes.
Prerequisites: COMPSCI 187 (or E&C-ENG 242) and MATH 132 or consent of instructor. 4 credits.

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Section 1: Nic Herndon
Section 2: Andrew Lan


MWF 9:05-9:55 AM

Course Materials

Textbook: Introduction to Probability, 2nd Edition by Dimitri P. Bertsekas and John N. Tsitsiklis.