Filtering barracuda-flagged mail.

Using a mail client.

The barracuda spam filter used by CSCF flags removes blocks the majority of spam, and flags all others it believes to be spam. In order to keep flagged emails out of your inbox, you will need to set up filtering within your mail client (see links below).

The barracuda flag consists of the header "X-Barracuda-Spam-Status" with a value of "Yes" and/or the string "[QUAR]" in the subject field.

Links to setting up filters for popular mail clients.

Server-side filtering with procmail.

Procmail is a mail processor that is called during mail delivery. It reads an individual configuration file ~/.procmailrc and filters your mail accordingly. Users need to add the following snippets to their ~/.promailrc file (this will need to be created if it doesn't exist), to have procmail filter barracuda-flagged mail.

# catch anything Barramail tagged as spam
* ^X-(Barracuda|ASG)-([^-:]+-Quarantine:|Spam-Status: Yes)

* ^Subject: (\[QUAR\]|=\?[-a-zA-Z0-9.]+\?(Q\?\[QUAR\]|B\?W1FVQVJdIA==)\?=) 

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