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CMPSCI 630 (691F)
Programming Languages
Spring 2009

CMPSCI 630 (691F) -- Project Description
Spring 2009

The Programming Languages project provides you with an opportunity to explore issues related to some programming language or programming language-related topic of interest to you in more detail than can be covered in class. You will choose a particular topic and focus on it in depth, applying the concepts and tools developed in this course. Ideally, the project will make it clearer why some of the topics, concepts and tools covered in class are important.

You should check the class project Web page off of the course Web page ( periodically to ensure that you have up-to-date information about the project.

Be two or not be two?

The projects will be done individually or in groups of 2 students. Doing the project individually gives you complete control over the topic, the content, the progress and the result. On the other hand, a group project opens the possibility of taking on, and accomplishing, a more substantial project.

If you choose to work in a group, the choice of partner will be up to you. Please choose wisely: your best friend may not be your best group partner. Remember that you do not need to work in a group; individual projects are perfectly acceptable and even encouraged.

You must decide about working individually or in a group, identify your partner if you choose to work in a group, and make a preliminary choice for your project within the next couple of weeks. Please fill out one copy of the attached form and hand it in by the end of Lecture 20 (4/13/09).

Types of projects

You may work on either of the following broad types of projects. In each case, several sample projects are listed. You may choose one of those or develop your own. It is perfectly acceptable for multiple people or groups to be working on what sounds like the same project, though they will be expected to have different results.

Other deadlines

During the remainder of the semester, you will be asked to hand in a status report or two and the final version of your project. The status report(s) will actually count toward your final project grade, providing some encouragement for you to make early progress.

The final version of the project will be due ten days after the final lecture. This due date will be Thursday, May 21, which is the last day of the exam period. So, you may view the project as a take-home final exam, if you like. Of course, you can always turn it in earlier so that it does not interfere with your other responsibilities during the exam period. Students choosing to do an in-class presentation in lieu of a paper will have two options with respect to timing. They might choose to make that presentation during one of the regularly scheduled class periods, in which case that part of their project work will be due somewhat earlier than the final due date. Alternatively, given that several of our class sessions were cancelled earlier in the semester, they might choose to make a presentation sometime during the exam period, so long as we can find a date and time that is convenient for everyone in the class and on which a suitable room is available.

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