Fall 2013 - CMPSCI 305 - Social Issues in Computing

Course Information: Satisfies the Junior Year Writing requirement. The impact of computers on modern society. Prerequisites: CMPSCI major or premajor status; ENGLWRIT 112 or equivalent.

Detailed Course Description: Through a careful analysis of texts representing a range of disciplinary perspectives, levels of technological adoption (or adaptation), and civic engagement, we will explore various impacts of computers on modern society.  This exploration will focus primarily on the social (or global) impact of computers, while students will engage in a series of projects designed to identify some of the individual (or local)impacts of computers, with an emphasis on ethical concerns. This class satisfies the Junior Year Writing requirement by providing instruction in several different technical communication genres, research writing, and academic writing. Students will produce approximately 20-25 pages of polished written work over the course of the semester. Writing experiences will also include writing for electronic environments, collaborative writing, and public writing.

Required Texts: Technology and Society, Johnson and Wetmore, Eds. 2009. ISBN 978-0262600736
                    Tufte, Edward R. The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint. 2006.  ISBN 978-0961392161